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Hotel Europa Bonus Programme

Book your next stay at the Hotel Europa via our homepage and collect a bonus point! For 10 bonus points you get a 30 EUR voucher for another stay. Ask at reception to get your personal bonus card!

Hotel Europa BonuskarteHotel Europa Bonuskarte 2

Private Hotels Bonn partner programme

As a guest at the Private Hotels Bonn Hotel Europa, you receive your exclusive and personal guest card free when you check in. Take advantage of up to 30% discount at our partners with the Private Hotels Bonn guest card.

Private Hotels Bonn

Hotel Europa | Thomas-Mann-Str. 7-9 | 53111 Bonn | Telefon (0228) 60 88 0 | Fax (0228) 60 88 199 | hotel@hotel-europa-bonn.de