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Information on Provider
Hotel Europa
Proprietor: Ute Baden  Tel +49 (0) 228 60 88 0
Thomas-Mann-Str. 7-9   Fax +49 (0) 228 60 88 199
53111 Bonn   E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Legally Required Information
Registered at court: Amtsgericht Bonn
Registration number: HRA 3821
VAT ID no. according to § 27 a of Umsatzsteuergesetz (German VAT law): DE 205 5009 0570
Supervisory body under § 5 para. 1 no. 3 of TMG is the Ordnungsamt of Stadt Bonn, Berliner Platz 2, 53111 Bonn.

Name: Hotel Europa
By: Weeber Werbeagentur GmbH (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Website: www.wwbonn.de

Further Information


1. Information on intellectual property
All information on this website is provided as it stands without any guarantee that it is correct, complete and up-to-date.
Unless otherwise specified elsewhere in this publication, in association with a specific excerpt, file or document, anyone is entitled to read, copy, print and disseminate this document under the following conditions:
The document may be used only for non-commercial information purposes. Every copy of this document or part thereof must contain this statement on intellectual property and the copyright mark of the website operator. The document, every copy of the document or part thereof may not be altered without the written consent of the website operator. The website operator retains the right to revoke this permission at any time, and all use must then immediately be ended as soon as a written notice by the website operator is published.

2. Contractual notices and disclaimers
The website of the Hotel Europa is available to you free of charge, insofar as no other agreement was made. The website operators accept no liability whatever for the correctness of the information provided, the availability of services, the loss of data stored by Hotel Europa or usability for any particular purpose.
The website operator is also not liable for consequential damages that result from use of the website.
Insofar as exclusion of liability is not permitted, the website operators are liable only for gross negligence and intent. Product and company names are brands of the respective owners and are used on these web pages exclusively for the purposes of information.
This publication may contain technical or other inaccuracies or typological errors. From time to time changes are made to the information here shown; these changes are inserted in new editions of the publication. The operator can make improvements and/or changes to the services described in this publication.

3. Expressions of opinion in commentaries and forums
Due to the continually changing content of commentaries and the forum, it is not possible for the website operator to view all contributions, to check the content and to exert immediate active control over them. No responsibility is taken for the content, correctness and form of the contributions included.

3a. Special terms for registered users
In case of registration with Hotel Europa, the user – hereinafter referred to as »Member« – expresses consent towards the operator to the following terms of use:
Members who take part in discussion forums and comments accept the obligation

  1. to avoid in contributions any form of insult, criminal content, pornography and use of coarse language
  2. to bear sole responsibility for content entered by themselves, to avoid any breach of the rights of third parties (in particular brand, copyright and personal rights) and to hold the operator of »Hotel Europa« entirely harmless from claims by third parties instigated by their contributions
  3. not to post advertising of any kind in forums and in comments nor to use forums and comments for any kind of commercial activity; this applies in particular to the publication of »0900« telephone numbers for any purpose whatsoever.

No right whatsoever exists to the publication of comments or forum contributions that are posted. The operators of »Hotel Europa« reserve the right to edit or deleted comments or forum contributions as they see fit. If the obligations under 1), 2) and 3) above are breached, the operators also reserve the right to suspend membership for a period of time or to terminate it permanently.

4. Posting contributions and articles
Insofar as the Member makes use of the possibility to post his or her own contributions to the editorial section of »Hotel Europa«, the following applies:
The prerequisite for a Member to post his or her own contributions is that the Member has registered his or her full and correct first name and surname in his or her »Hotel Europa« user profile or registers there after posting the article. The posted contribution is publicly marked with the registered name on publication.
For all contributions that he or she makes in future on »Hotel Europa«, the Member makes the following declaration:

  1. The Member gives the assurance that the posted contributions are free of any rights of third parties, especially brand, intellectual property or personal rights. This applies to all posted contributions and images.
  2. The Member gives to the operators of »Hotel Europa« the unlimited right to use the posted contributions. This includes publication on the internet on »Hotel Europa« and on other internet servers, in newsletters, print media and other publications.
  3. Posted contributions will be deleted or made anonymous upon request by the Member by email to the address of the webmaster. Deletion or anonymisation will be carried out within 7 days of the request. For consequential damage incurred by the Member through delayed deletion of the contribution, the operators are liable only insofar as they are not based on a breach of obligation by the Member (above at 1), 2) and 3) ) and insofar as they are additionally the result of gross negligence or intent by the operators of »Hotel Europa«. In this context we explicitly draw attention to the fact that »Hotel Europa« is regularly indexed by search engines and that we have no influence on whether, where and how long contributions published on our website may be stored and can be accessed on the databases of search engines and web catalogues even after they have been deleted by »Hotel Europa«.
  4. There is no right to the storage, publication or archiving of posted contributions. The operators reserve the right not to publish contributions offered without giving reasons, to edit them before publication or to delete them again after publication as they see fit.
  5. No rights whatsoever to payment (fees, licence fees, compensation for costs or other such payment) by the Member towards »Hotel Europa« arise from the publication of offered contributions. Collaboration is on an honorary basis (without payment).

5. Statement on privacy policy
Insofar as an opportunity is given within the internet service to enter personal or business data, this disclosure of these data by the user takes place explicitly on a voluntary basis. The use of our service is permitted – as far as this is technically possible and reasonable – without disclosure of such data or with use of anonymous data or a pseudonym.

6. Registration and password
The user is obliged to treat the combination of user name and password confidentially and not to pass it on to third parties. On suspicion of misuse of access data, the site operator must be informed.

7. Note in accordance with German legislation (Teledienstgesetz)
The responsibility for third-party internet sites to which this service refers by means of so-called links is taken by the operators of such sites. The operator of this site is not responsible for the internet sites of third parties. Furthermore, the website can be connected to other sites by means of so-called links without our knowledge. The operator takes no responsibility for presentation, content or any connection to this website on the websites of third parties. The operator is responsible for third-party content only in the case that positive knowledge of it (i.e. of illegal or criminal content) is given and it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent its use. Under the Teledienstgesetz the operator is, however, not obliged to check third-party content continually.

Please direct questions connected with Hotel Europa to the webmaster.

Legal validity
These general terms of use relate to the Hotel Europa.
Insofar as parts or individual wordings of this text do not correspond, no longer correspond or do not entirely correspond to valid law, the remaining parts of the document and their content and validity are not affected.


We take the protection of your private data seriously. Special attention to privacy in the processing of personal data is important to us. Personal data are used according to the stipulations of the German federal law on data protection, Bundesdatensschutzgesetzes (BDSG). The operators of this website undertake to keep data confidential. These web pages may contain links to websites of other service providers to which this data protection declaration does not apply.

Person-related data
Person-related data is information that is used to identify people. This includes information such as the correct name, address, postal address, and telephone number. Information that is not directly connected with the actual identity (for example favourite websites or the number of users of a site) is not included in this category.
Our online services can be used in principle without revealing the identity of the user. Those who decide to register, i.e. register as a Member (registered user), can enter personal information in the individual user profile. Whether these data are entered is a free personal decision. As we try to record as few personal data as possible for use of the service, for registration it is enough to provide a name – under which the user is noted as a Member and which does not have to correspond to the real name – and an email address to which the password is sent. In connection with access to our internet pages, the server stores data (for example the IP address, date, time of day and the pages viewed). No person-related analysis is done. The right is reserved to carry out statistical analysis of anonymous data sets.
We use personal data for the purposes of technical administration of the web pages and for customer administration only to the extent that is necessary for the purpose. Beyond that, personal data are stored only when they are voluntarily provided.

Passing on personal data
We use personal data only for this website. We do not pass on information to third parties without express permission. If data are passed to service providers for data processing, the service providers are bound by the federal law on data protection Bundesdatenschutzgesetz BDSG, other regulations and this privacy policy.
Collection or transmission of personal data to state organisations and authorities only takes place as a result of obligatory legal regulations.

Use of cookies
We use cookies – small files with configuration information. They help to record individual user settings and implement special user functions. We do not record any personal data via cookies. All functions of the website can be used without cookies, although several user-related features and settings are not then available.

Persons below the age of 18 should not pass personal data to us without permission of their parents or guardians. We do not record personal data from children, collect them or pass them to third parties.

Right to revoke
If you have provided personal data to us, you can change and delete them at any time in the user profile. For a complete deletion of the account, please contact the webmaster. Until this time, contributions to forums, comments, announcements of dates and articles may, however, remain.

Links to other websites
Our online services contain links to other websites. We have no influence over their operators’ compliance with regulations on data protection.

The content of our pages is accessible for everyone. Content should be carefully examined before publication to check whether it contains details which are not intended for the public. Content may be stored by search engines and be accessible worldwide without specific use of this website.

Questions and comments
In case of questions, suggestions and comment on data protection, please send an email to the webmaster of Hotel Europa.

Right to disclosure
At all times you have the right to be informed about the data stored about you, their origin and recipients and the reason for the data processing. The webmasters provide information about the data that is stored.

Security information:
We endeavour to store your personal data by taking all technical and organisational measures so that they are not accessible to third parties. In communications by email complete data security cannot be guaranteed by us, and we therefore recommend using the post service to send confidential information.


1. Content of the online service
The author makes no guarantee of the up-to-date character, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against the author based on damages of a material or non-material nature that were caused by the use or non-use of the information offered or by the use of faulty and incomplete information are excluded except in cases of intent or gross negligence on the part of the author.
All offerings are subject to change without notice and without commitment. The author explicitly reserves the right to change, add to and delete parts or the whole of the pages without giving notice or to temporarily suspend or permanently cease publication.

2. References and links
In the case of direct or indirect references ("hyperlinks") to third-party websites that are outside the area of responsibility of the author, liability would be incurred solely if the author was aware of the content and it was technically possible and reasonable for the author to prevent use in case of illegal content.
The author hereby explicitly declares that at the time when the link was made no illegal content was identifiable on the pages that were linked. The author has no influence whatever on the current and future design, content or copyright origin of the pages that are linked or connected. Therefore the author hereby expressly dissociates himself from all contents of all linked or connected sites that were changed after the making of the link. This statement applies to all links and references within the author’s own internet pages and to the entries of third parties in guest books, discussion forums, link lists, mailing lists and all other forms of database that were made by the author and to whose content external access is possible. For illegal, faulty or incomplete content and in particular for damages that result from the use or non-use of such information presented, the sole liability lies with the operator of the website to which reference was made and not with the person who merely makes reference to the publication in question through links.

3. Right to copyright and trademark
In all publications the author endeavours to take account of the copyright for images, graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts, to use images, graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts created by himself or to make use of images, graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts that are not subject to licence.
All brand and trademarks named and protected by third parties are subject without restriction to the regulations of the trademark law that is applicable and the property rights of the registered proprietor. It cannot be concluded from a mere naming that the trademark is not protected by the rights of third parties!
Copyright for objects published that were created by the author is held solely by the author of the pages. Reproduction or use of such graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the explicit consent of the author.

4. Data protection

Insofar as the possibility of entering personal or business data (email addresses, names, post addresses) exists with the internet site, the disclosure of data by the user takes place explicitly on a voluntary basis. The use of and payment for all services offered is – insofar as technically possible and reasonable – also allowed without disclosure of such data or with the entry of anonymous data or a pseudonym. It is not permitted to use contact data published under the legal or similar pages such as the postal address, telephone and fax numbers, as well as email addresses, by third parties to transmit information that has not explicitly been requested. The right is explicitly reserved to take legal action against those sending so-called spam mails in the case of breach of this prohibition.

5. Legal validity of this exclusion of liability
This exclusion of liability is to be regarded as part of the internet offering from which reference is made to this page. If parts of individual wording of the text should not, no longer or no longer entirely comply with applicable law, the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected in their content and their validity.

6. Plattform zur Online-Streitbeilegung der Europäischen Kommission:

Hotel Europa | Thomas-Mann-Str. 7-9 | 53111 Bonn | Telefon (0228) 60 88 0 | Fax (0228) 60 88 199 | hotel@hotel-europa-bonn.de

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